Commodore SX-64 serial register

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This is the serial register. This is solely intended to register your Commodore SX-64 with its specifications. You can easily search and sort the table to your likings.

The exact number of SX-64 sold from 1984 to 1986, when it was discontinued, is unknown. The serial numbers of over 130 SX-64s from series GA1, GA2, GA4, GA5 and GA6, with serial numbers ranging over 49,000 for series GA1, 1,000 for GA2, 17,000 for GA4, 11,000 for GA5, and 7,000 for GA6 have been reported, see


Owner Since Country Manufactured Serial NTSC/PAL CPU-board Exp-board FDD-board Modifications Comments
Snogpitch US 1984-03 GA1020116 NTSC Stock
Snogpitch US 1984-06 GA1034266 NTSC Stock
Ferenc 2018 US GA1016274 NTSC Stock
C. Shores 2018 US 1983-11 GA1006604 NTSC Stock
S. McDonnell 2006 US 1983-10 GA1004948 NTSC Stock
S. McDonnell 2010 US 1984-05 GA1029748 NTSC Stock Stored improperly. Missing many parts, rusted metal. Restoration/modification project.
K. Krause 1997 DE 1984-01 GA6005005 PAL Green Monochrome Screen Probably a custom machine, as it also has custom ROMs
M. Yount 2013-07 US (MS) 1984-10 GA1043129 NTSC Stock Obtained for free as part of a large lot of Commodore and Amiga hardware, accessories, software, and magazines
M. Yount 2013-07 US (MS) 1984-11 GA1051382 NTSC Stock Obtained for free as part of a large lot of Commodore and Amiga hardware, accessories, software, and magazines
Loktar 1983 GA1000123  great condition, works great, all cable
1983-09 GA1000523 
.US - MN 1983-09 GA1001323 great condition, works great, all cables
1983-09 GA1002969 Stock eBay (12/04) Sold for $97.70
1983-10 GA1003720 Stock eBay (7/04) Sold for $67.00
Jason 2002 .US - PA 1983-10 GA1003880 NTSC Stock
1983-10 GA1004202 Stock sold w/ 1541 & cassette - eBay (8/04) Reserve not meet high bid of $61.12
1983-11 GA1007218 Stock - Rt keyboard clip broken eBay (8/04) Sold for $100.00
1983- GA1007263 Stock - missing 4 screws eBay (8/04) Sold for $300.00
Kent Sullivan 1983-11 GA1007437 Reset button and JiffyDOS added includes diskette caddy too
1983-11 GA1008071 Stock eBay(10/04) Sold for $108.50
1983-11 GA1008991 Ham Radio Chip eBay (12/04) Sold for $68.00
1983-11 GA1009577 eBay(10/04) Sold for $218.00
1983-11 GA1009782 Stock eBay (Pulled)
1983-11 GA1009880 Not original keyboard cable eBay (8/04) Sold for $194.27
.US - MA - Westford 1983-11 GA1010124 Stock
1983-11 GA1010274 Not tested, seller has no power cord eBay (9/04)
.US - Seattle, WA 1983-11 GA1010831 Stock
1983-11 GA1010935 Stock eBay (07/05) Not sold
.US - Chicago, IL 1983-12 GA1011915 Missing Handle & blue caps
Tim Grooms .US - Mayflower, AR 1983-12 GA1012022 Stock w/bag
1983-09 GA1013058 Stock eBay (7/04) Sold for $76.00
Tim Grooms .US - Mayflower, AR 1983-12 GA1013455 Stock
sx65 at .US - Pittsburgh, PA 1983-12 GA1013835 Stock
1983-12 GA1014282  Reset & Drive Select switch  eBay (7/04) Sold for $1,000.00
Leif .CA - Toronto 1983-12 GA1015025 1541 Flash! and external reset switch
1983-12 GA1015090 Stock eBay (8/04) Sold for $152.50
.US - Hillsboro, OR 1984-03 GA1016582 Stock
1984-03 GA1016653 Stock eBay(5/05)
1984-03 GA1017243 eBay (7/04) Sold for $102.50
1984-03 GA1017288 Stock eBay (9/04)
.US - Tulsa,OK 1984-03 GA1017493 Stock
1984-03 GA1018214 Missing Blue Caps eBay (9/04)
.US - Lincoln, NE 1984-03 GA1019050
bob at .US - Sandy, Utah 1984-03 GA1019439 JiffyDos- Unit is not working at this time, troubleshooting in progress
1984-03 GA1019617 Missing Blue Caps
L. Willms2010US (OR)1984-03GA1019641NTSCUltra-Reset and JiffyDOSPerfect working condition
.DE 1984-03 GA1019669 Stock
1984-03 GA1020541 Missing keyboard & screen boots up white
1984-03 GA1021238 No keyboard or cable
1984-03 GA1021274 Stock
bob at .US - Sandy, Utah 1984-03 GA1021424 JiffyDos
1984-03 GA1021478 Stock has disk bag
.US - Burkburnett, TX 1984-03 GA1022087 Stock - Original Owner
1984-03 GA1022410 Stock
1983-04 GA1023311 Stock - Printer, modem, joysticks, software
bob at .US - Sandy, Utah 1983-04 GA1023599 None yet
1983-04 GA1024337 Stock
1983-04 GA1026613 JiffyDos & Bag
1983-04 GA1026633 Stock - Needs repair
1983-04 GA1027184 Stock - Missing handle
.US - Fresno, CA GA1027935
GA1028135 1581 3.5 installed
1984-03 GA1028214 Stock, missing blue end caps
1983-05 GA1029472 Stock
1983-05 GA1029718
.US - New Jersey 1983-05 GA1030653 JiffyDos
1983-05 GA1032740
.NO - Bergen 1983-05 GA1032831 Stock
Leo .CA - Prince George B.C. 1983-05 GA1032949 updated cartridge port cable and jdos
1983-06 GA1034204 Stock, no keyboard. Relisted with keyboard, broken latches
1983-06 GA1034497 Original shipping box & packing material
1983-06 GA1034519 Disk Carrying Case
1983-06 GA1035445 Stock, no keyboard or cable
1983-06 GA1035947 Stock
L. Willms2010US (OR)1984-06GA1036350NTSCUltra-Reset and JiffyDOSPerfect working condition
hodo .CA - Ontario 1984-06 GA1036395 Write protect bypass switch & Datel Turbo ROM II chip
.US - Fresno, CA GA1036780
1984-06 GA1036827 Stock
1984-09 GA1038136 Reset switch inside storage compartment, JiffyDos.
.US - Minneapolis, Minnesota GA1038658 no cables and one broken keyboard lock
1984-09 GA1039856 Stock
1984-10 GA1040819 Stock
1984-10 GA1041317 Stock
1984-10 GA1042334 Stock
1984-10 GA1042573 Reset switch inside storage compartment, JiffyDOS
1984-10 GA1043523 One keyboard latch broken
.US GA1045114
Garth .AT 1984-10 GA1045300
1984-10 GA1045381 Stock
1984-10 GA1045683 Stock - Keyboard clips broken, 1 key missing, keyboard corner cracked/missing
L. Willms2010US (OR)1984-10GA1046181NTSCUltra-Reset and JiffyDOSPerfect working condition
1984-10 GA1046832 Stock - Has users guide and bag
.US - Tulsa, OK 1984-10 GA1046873 Stock
1984-11 GA1047317 Stock
1984-11 GA1047704 Stock
1984-11 GA1047799 Stock
1984-11 GA1047831 Stock
1984-11 GA1047834 Stock
1984-11 GA1049471 Stock
.AR GA1049807 
1983-10 GA1050023 Skyles Electric Works Disk Speedup Mod
.CA - Ontorio, Trenton 1983-9 GA2000275 Stock
hodo .CA - Ontorio GA2000722 Write protect bypass switch & Jiffy DOS
1983-10 GA2000903 Stock
hodo .CA - Ontorio GA2001186 Stock
toni.caven at .FI 1983-10 GA4000230 Stock with VIC-1011A RS-232 adapter and Retro Replay cartridge with the RRNet module
.FI 1983-10 GA4000544
.NL 1983-10 GA4002881 Stock
.DE GA4003913 
.NL 1983-12 GA4005481 Stock
Dymo .SE 1983-12 GA4005500  PAL Stock
.NL 1983-12 GA4006601 Stock
Ivan Conte .IT 1983-12 GA4006786 Stock
Vanja Utne (Mermaid) 2016 .NO 1983-12 GA4007067 PAL Not original keyboard cable, missing blue caps
.NL 1984-03 GA4009118 Stock
Berry 2013-06 .NL - The Hague 1984-03 GA4009781 GA4011308 GA4011308 GA4011308 Total reset
Ivan Conte .IT 1984-5 GA4013796 Stock
.IT 1984-05 GA4013956 Stock
sx64 at 1984-05 GA4014458 Speed DOS Plus, external reset
.NL 1984-05 GA4014805 Teletron 1200 Modem built in.
TraunStaa .AT 1984-05 GA4015060 Stock
.DE GA4015646
.DK GA4016120
.IT - Livorno 1984-06 GA4017113 Added reset switch and fixed keyboard by replacing the CIA
1983-09 GA5000250
1983-09 GA5000583 Stock
Garth .AT 1983-10 GA5000758 240 volt model
S. Smit 2017 Australia 1983-10 GA5001984 PAL Stock Has original keyboard cable but a pin in cable has broken off so using one I made. Keyboard was also damaged (repaired as best I could), so fully working now including floppy drive
Garth .AT GA5003462 Stock - Disk Carrying Case
Garth .AT GA5011274 240 volt model
Sjoerd .NL 1983-10 GA6000091 240 volt model
.JP 1983-10 GA6000356 Fixed PLA with parts from a donor C64
.UK - Leeds 1983-10 GA6000598 Stock
Nick .UK - Leeds GA6000780 Stock Bought faulty 2012, fixed with PLA
.SE - Malmö 1983-11 GA6000837 Stock
1983-11 GA6001826 Stock
.AU 1983-11 GA6001835 Stock
Bram .NL 1983-12 GA6002928 PAL Stock - Missing blue caps & one broken keyboard latch
1983-12 GA6003171 Stock
Berry 2013-02 .NL - The Hague 1983-12 GA6003253 PAL GA5006526 GA5006526 GA5006526
1983-12 GA6004197
.FI 1984-03 GA6005976
Bram .NL 1984-03 GA6006046 PAL Stock - Didn't work, found loose contact on PS & Blown fuse
.FI 1984-03 GA6006048 
.FI 1984-03 GA6006113 
P. Dolleman 2017-05 .NL 1984-03 GA6006587 PAL Used to have midi, but now an empty hole above the drive. Custom O.S.
D. Almer 2010 .SE 1984-04 GA6007312 PAL Stock w. disk bag and manual. Recapped 2017
.NL 1984-04 GA6007422 Speeddos & rombank
P. Dolleman 2017-01 .NL 1984-05 GA6007720 PAL Stock
.DE 1984-05 GA6008656 Stock
.UK 1984-06 GA6008786 Stock
weerd01 at (Ddw) 2011-08 .NL 1984-06 GA6009171 PAL Headphone output, 8-11 drive selector, custom blue caps
Berry 2011-08 .NL - The Hague 1984-06 GA6009195 PAL Handle bar caps and ons hinge missing
.NL 1984-06 GA6009464 Stock
Jim Happel .US - IL - Chigaco 1983 GA1015734 NTSC
Dustin Anderson .US 1983 GA1003317 NTSC
Bo Zimmerman 2004 .US-TX-Austin 1984-03 GA1019895 NTSC Stock Boxed & Complete
Bo Zimmerman 1992 .US-TX-Austin 1983-12 GA1015132 NTSC Fan, JD, Reset SW, Int SD2IEC Bag & manual
Bo Zimmerman 1999 .US-TX-Austin 1984-04 GA1025163 NTSC Fan, JD, Reset SW Manual
MaD][/SSP 07-1985 .IT 1983-11 GA4003252 PAL Stock Overall good condition, just a blue cap missing
FliP 01-2014 .BE 1984-01 GA6005018 PAL Stock Restored to stock from AZERTY mod
FliP 05-2016 .BE 1983-12 GA6004233 PAL LCD screen Keyboard case cracked
FliP 08-2017 .BE 1984-03 GA4009282 PAL Stock
Thomas Christoph 2015 .CA - Alberta 1983-10 GA1005132 NTSC Stock
Thomas Christoph 2015 .CA - Alberta 1984-04 GA1027476 NTSC Stock
Thomas Christoph 2016 .CA - Alberta 1983-12 GA1014456 NTSC Stock
Thomas Christoph 2017 .CA - Alberta 1984-06 GA1033029 NTSC Stock
Dirk Wouters 1995 .DE 1984-04 GA4011113 PAL Stock
Carlos M. Orozco 2017 .MX - Mexico City 1984-03 GA1018927 NTSC Stock eBay (10/26/17) Purchased for $308.00; keyboard case cracked due to poor packing, but fixed it. Keyboard plastics cover (external) re-painted. 1541 drive ALPS mechanism fully serviced, head cleaned and realigned. Diagnosed faulty MOS 6581, MOS 6526, and fixed it. Fully functional electronics now.
M. Karlsson 2017 .SE 1984-05 GA4014468 PAL Stock Manual and schematics
M. Karlsson .SE 1983-12 GA1013386 NTSC Stock Missing caps
M. Karlsson .SE 1984-06 GA4016778 PAL JD, 1541 parallel cable + unknown custom 3 pin connectors
Frank 2017 .NL 1984-05 GA6008116 PAL Stock perfect shape and working, bought for 250 euro, issues with keyboard
Erno Uijlenbroek 2017 .NL 1983-12 GA4005641 PAL Drive Device number set using jumpers Perfect shape. Keyboard works great. Presumably belonged to a plasic surgeon from Zwolle up to at least 1988
Karl Jansson 2017 .SE 1984-04 GA4011915 PAL Stock Manual. Blue caps replaced.
Del Scoville 2004 .US NM 1983 GA1000840 NTSC Stock In mint condition, no mods, never needed repair
Carlos M. Orozco 2017 .MX - Mexico City 1984-03 GA1021004 NTSC JiffyDOS 6.01, CHR & Kernal ROM selector; monitor SW; 8/9 device internal drive selector SW eBay (12/16/17), near mint condition, working perfectly.
Sebastian Polimeni 2017 CR 83/11 GA1010075 NTSC Stock Obtained for free, will be used as mssiah host
T. Kalman 2017 US 1984-09 GA1038276 NTSC Stock Generally speaking great condition, needs a few minor fixes though, complete with all peripherals, books, disks